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Shanil Kawol

About me.

October 2017

Insta360 Pioneer Award Winner!

We made the world’s first 360 degree virtual reality ghost tour of the most haunted village in the UK. Our braveness was put to the test when we entered the Attic of the Black Horse Inn. The paranormal activity in this pitch black room can be witnessed on the TV show ‘Most Haunted Midsummer Murders’. The show was broadcast back in 2007. Watch video.

pluckley road sign

March 2017

Finalist in fourth film competition!

Our challenge was to create a short film based on the topic of ‘Risk’. Our team made a film called ‘Let’s Plan A Holiday’ which portrays the risks of climate change. The film was screened at Regents Street Cinema in London. Mark Kermode (on the right of me), a famous film critic introduced our film as “the first climate change comedy“.  

shanil british safety council film award

July 2016

Won my third film competition!

Our challenge was to create a funny short film. We made a film called ‘Jimbo’ which was screened at BFI Cinema in London Southbank. Our team won Best Cinematography, Best Actress, and Best Sound. Above all the prizes, the biggest win was making new friends who I would continue to work with in future films. 

shanil elstree film design award

June 2016

Kindsense is my video brand.

What is Kindsense? Kindsense is a way of telling stories compassionately through ones emotional journey to reach their goal. Video is a fantastic medium for stories to be told. But at the core of the video is the story which can be told by speech, books, theatre and more. Kindsense stories are built on emotion. The emotional journey is represented in the white Kindsense triangle. Starting from the bottom, build the foundation to your success, rise to the top, and fill your heart with content. The goal is represented by the orange box. At this point I left my full time day job at a digital start up company to begin filmmaking full time.

shanil motorsport association film award

July 2015

Won my second film competition!

Our challenge was to create a road safety short film. I shot this film with the Canon 550D. Our team won a £4,000 cheque signed by Lewis Hamilton (in the picture), an all expensed trip to Monza in Italy to watch the Grand Prix all paid for, and the short film aired on Sky Sports F1, The F1 Show. I used the money to upgrade my camera to the Sony A7S2. Read more.

shanil motorsport association film award

July 2014

Won my first film competition!

Our challenge was to make an anti-smoking short film. Winning my first film competition with 5 awards was the pivotal moment in my life when I thought myself, “I want to be a filmmaker.” I only used a Canon 550D and a kit lens to make this film. The only other limit was my creativity. I had the privilege of watching this film being screened at BAFTA HQ. Read more.

shanil harrow cut films award

November 2011

Made my first short horror film.

I took on the Campus Movie Fest challenge to make a short film in under 7 days. I decided to make a horror called ‘Disturbed’. I did this whilst I was studying Computer Science at King’s College London University. This is one of those early films that I never want anyone to watch again. It’s terrible! We were lucky enough to attend the finals and see a screening of this film at Leicester Square Odeon Cinema.

disturbed short horror film

January 2010

Made my first music video.

Our college project was to produce a music video. This was the first time I learned how to scout for talent online, organise a shoot, get the neccessary permissions, and work in a team. We were lucky to work with an upcoming Artist at the time called Tim Kay. He produced the theme song for Channel 4’s Jamie at Home, called My World.

tim kay make the most of it music video

May 2007

Made my first short film ever.

Thanks to a high school IT project to make a short film, I made my first film called ‘A Pirate Story’ using a Sony P150 when I was 15 years old. I created a set using household props and a printed background, used a desktop lamp for lighting, borrowed lego characters as actors, got my friends to do the voice over, and edited it together on Windows Movie Maker.

a pirate story

April 1992

A filmmaker is born.

Hello world!