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Shanil Kawol

Latest videos.

Promo video | January 2019

Peachy Peel

Peachy Peel is a new Beauty Salon in Camden. Their biggest challenge was to establish a new brand in Camden amongst the other established brands. I created a short video which currently sits at the top of Youtube for the keywords “Best beauty salon in Camden.”

Music video cover | June 2018

Back To You

This video was filmed entirely on the DJI Mavic Air drone using manual control, intelligent flight modes, and handheld. The shoot was limited by 3 batteries which have 20 minutes of flying time each. The strong wind made the short battery life even shorter. Planning shots in advance, rehearsals, and improvisation was key to the success of this video entertaining more than 7,000 viewers.

Corporate video | June 2018

What is AND bootcamp?

AND Digital is a thriving digital start up company. They required a video to showcase their unique training capabilities in a light hearted and engaging manner. The video was shot in multiple locations over a few days to capture as much of the experience as possible.

Promo video | March 2018

Master Your Transition

Jo Miles is a highly experienced personal coach who can help you achieve your goals, overcome barriers, and unleash your potential. My challenge was to create a series of videos which explains her services. The toughest part of this video was to make her clients feel comfortable telling their personal stories to camera. This was overcome by making the clients feel like the camera did not exist in the room.

Music video | January 2018

Gosh You Can Talk

Jaz Mattu is an upcoming Artist who wanted to make his first ever music video. The most challenging part of making this video was getting the catchy tune out of my head.

Product demo | December 2017

MishiPay Leroy Merlin Case Study

Mishipay aims to revolutionise the way we shop in store. Instead of lining up at a checkout, you can now scan, pay, leave using your mobile phone. My challenge was to show how this new technology can make your shopping experience easier than ever before. 

Short documentary | November 2017

Becoming Global At Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe is the largest Arts Festival in the world. My task was to capture how Korean theatre is making its name on a global stage through the festival. The schedule for filming this video was very tight. I had to stay nimble to get the shots completed on time and move on to the next filming location.

Short horror film | August 2017

The Humming Girl

Our challenge was to make a short film based on the Conjuring Universe in less than 3 weeks. This film was made for the ‘My Annabelle Creation’ Film Competition. 

Corporate video | July 2017

Summer Wonderland

July 14th 2017, AND held a company wide learning day ‘Summer Wonderland’ for all ANDis to learn, connect and have fun.

Corporate video | May 2017

Why AND Digital is No1 For Devs

Working with actors is tough, working with child actors is tougher, working with animals is barking mad. Prior to the shoot, a Skype session was organised with Simmy and Duke. We talked about what exactly they would be doing on the day. This gave Simmy the opportunity to train Duke in the time leading up to the filming day so he was ready for his debut. Duke performed like a star.

Promotional video | March 2017

Happii App

The Happii app focuses on you and what makes you happy. My challenge was to make a story to show how the Happii App fits into your daily life.

Climate change video | January 2017

Let’s Plan A Holiday

Our challenge was to make a short film based on the topic of ‘Risk’. This film was made for the British Safety Council Film Competition. Our film made the finals where we watched a screening at Regents Street Cinema in London. The famous film critic Mark Kermode introduced our film on the big screen as “The first climate change comedy” at the awards ceremony.

Travel video | November 2016

Singapore Top 10 Places To Visit

Whilst on holiday in Singapore I decided to film all the different attractions I visited during my time there. I compiled all the attractions into a very quick montage. I was very close to not uploading this video online because I felt it was too fast. To my amazement, this is now one of my highest ever viewed videos with more than 100K views.

Short horror film | October 2016

Alone In The House

This was the first short film I produced after I left my full time day job at AND Digital to begin filmmaking full time. I was super keen to reattempt a short horror film that will make you scared in 4 minutes. The film was shot in an Airbnb in Lincoln. This film has over 60K views on Youtube!

Wedding videos | August 2016


Wedding videos carry a high degree of responsibility. You have one chance to nail the key moments throughout the day. This experience has taught me to be nimble, adaptable, and creative. 

Short comedy film | July 2016


Our challenge was to create a comedy short film in less than 3 weeks for the Elstree Film Competition. This was the third film competition our team won. We had the privilege of viewing a screening of this film at BFI Cinema in London Southbank.

Comedy short film | June 2016

The Touring Tent

Our challenge was to make a short film about the most unusual place you would place a tent. This film was made for the launch of the new top gear show, ‘The Grand Tour’. 

Wedding proposal | March 2016

Sam’s Wedding Proposal

Samuel wanted to propose to his girlfriend in spectacular style. He wanted to make a movie trailer starring himself in disguise that will screen at Greenwich Odeon IMAX Cinema. His wife to be was in the cinema thinking she is going to see 10 Cloverfield Lane. Sam’s trailer played after the movie trailers and then he walked into the cinema to propose. She said yes!

Inspirational short film | September 2015

The Big Picture

I really believe we should all be trying to achieve our ambitious dreams in life. It was this belief that led me to make a short film about dreams and the regrets we may hold later in life if we don’t act on them now.

Advert | July 2015


Our challenge was to create a short film about road safety for the Motorsport Association. This was the second film competition our team won. We flew out to Monza in Italy to watch the Grand Prix all paid for, received a signed £4,000 cheque by Lewis Hamilton, and the advert aired on Sky Sports F1, the F1 show.

Advert | April 2014

Road To Hell

Our challenge was to make a short and impactful anti-smoking short film for the Cut Films Competition. The film was shot on the first DSLR I ever owned, a Canon 550D + Kit lens. This was the first film competition I had ever won!