The most unusual place I have ever put up a tent is in my dreams!


The Touring Tent was created as a submission into The Grand Tour Film Competition 2016. The brief was to produce a short film based on the theme 'The most unusual place I have put up a tent is..' The aim was to win tickets to watch the recording of the show in Johannesburg.



Boy - Bernardo Santos
Girl - Danielle De Vito Halevi
Written, Directed, Produced and Edited By - Shanil Kawol



When Shanil first heard about the film competition on a Friday morning there was only 3 days left to enter. Shanil quickly came up with an idea on the train to work of a magic tent that can take you wherever you wanted. Shanil knew he had to film the following day to get the film made on time. The first thing Shanil did at work that morning was post a message to everyone in the company asking if anyone had a tent he could borrow for the weekend. Shanil was offered a tent by his work colleague who would bring it in the next day! By lunch time Shanil had already arranged for 2 actors at short notice to turn up at the shoot location at 8am the following day. An unexpected situation happened that Friday afternoon when one of the actors pulled out due to logistic issues. Shanil spent the evening searching for another actor and luckily got someone on board at 11pm to shoot the next day. The film may have not won the competition but it did show you can turn around a film in less than 72 hours!