MishiPay is on a mission to revolutionise the shopping experience. Instead of queuing at cashiers, you can now scan, pay, leave using your mobile phone.


MishiPay needed a video to showcase their game changing technology at a major exhibition in New York. There were a number of obstacles to overcome, exhibitions are crowded with videos trying to sell themselves, there is no sound on the video, it is a very busy event so the video has to grab your attention, the turn around time for the video was 14 days, and the filming was in a DIY store in France. Shanil worked with the CEO, Product Lead, and Marketeer to come up with a short, punchy video which delivers the key messages in an engaging way. The schedule of the video was tight, but Shanil worked very closely with the team to make sure a solid plan was in place to deliver a quality video in a short period of time.