How To Attract Talented Cast And Crew

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I believe a great team makes a great film so attracting the right talent (cast or crew) is crucial for success.


Before you begin to attract talent, you need to put yourself in the shoes of potential talent. Here are some points that a potential talent will be looking to ask a filmmaker:

1) What is your script about? (What is the log line? What role will I play? What makes me fit the role?)
2) Why should I work with you? (What is your goal for this project? What credibility do you have? Why are you the right person for this script?)
3) What do I get out of this? (Showreel? Film Festival Awards? Piece of the Competition Prize? Youtube Fame?)
4) How can this project help me further my career? (What is the challenge? How does your project help me grow?)

Everyone has their own personal ambitions and when you can attract talent with ambitions that are aligned to your own then you are creating a very powerful, motivated team. As a filmmaker you need to be confident, passionate and believe in your script. When you approach potential talent and begin to talk to them then the enthusiasm and determination to bring your vision to life will shine through.


So how do we actually attract talent? Here are 3 methods below:


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Starnow is a large network of film professionals (cast and crew) where you can find like minded people to work with on your film in a couple of easy steps. This is where I started to attract new talent and still do today!

1) Create an account and update your profile with your latest work.
2) Create a casting call for your project (It's free!). This call describes your script, what the role is and who you are looking for.
3) Let the applications roll in and shortlist the best applicants.
4) Contact your applicants and pick talent suited to your project.
5) Go make your film!

By placing a casting call you are attracting interested talent to work with on your film from all around your region. Potential talent have the ability to check Starnow whenever they want. This method helps you expand your network of potential talent more so than just attending a networking event one night to find the right fit for your film. I've worked with many amazing people from Starnow and I have used the same talent again and again in future projects. The golden rule to succeed on Starnow is to treat people how you would like to be treated and the talent will come to you.


Meetup lists countless networking events in film that are going on in London or in your region. Create an account and search for events under Movies & Film in your region. Join an event, tell everyone what you do, what you are looking for and dish out your business cards (Do not attend networking events without a business card). You never know when you're going to need a certain type of Actor, Composer, Cinematographer etc so take people's business cards, add them on social media and follow them up with an email. The golden rule to succeed at networking events is to present yourself well (elevator pitch, stand out business card, appear confident) because people you meet may refer you to other people who can help you or even open doors in the future.


There are many film communities on Facebook with talent looking for new and exciting projects. Don't be shy to join groups and share what you do. Respect the group rules, post your project and people will respond. Here are 3 good groups I follow:

1) London Film Crew Network
2) London Actors and Filmmakers
3) London Film Entrepreneurs


People are your greatest asset when making a film. When I talk to potential talent the number one question I ask myself is - Do I think we can work well together? I will happily sacrifice a more experienced Actor for a less experienced Actor who is friendly, motivated and a team player.