3 Things You Need To Do In Rehearsals Before The Shoot

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Rehearsals are a great way to put your plan into action, experiment, learn from mistakes and figure out solutions to challenges and risks before the shoot day.


As much as we love making films, a long shoot day can be very stressful and tiring. Here are 3 things you can do in rehearsals to help yourself and your cast and crew get better productivity out of the shoot day.


Actor's perform better when they feel comfortable. Imagine a scenario where there are 2 characters in your film who have been friends for years. In real life the Actor's playing these characters have never seen each other before. You will not see the bond and chemistry between the two characters if the Actor's just met each other on the day, it has to feel somewhat real in real life first! Rehearsals allow for Actor's to meet each other before the shoot and build that connection by reading through the script several times before the big day.


Great Actor's will absorb the personality, characteristics and traits of the character they are trying to portray. They will research the role they are playing and have their own ideas on how to bring that character to life using their own strengths. Making a film is always about team work and it’s important to listen to Actor’s feedback and suggestions, they are professionals at what they do and listening to their ideas makes them feel a more valued member of the team.


Use your mobile phone to record the rehearsals taking place. You can now edit this rough footage together to see how your film plays out. This is great for showing your crew the vision you set out to make on the day. Also, you can now show your Actor's a playback of their performance which is very important when giving them feedback. They are more likely to listen to you when they can visually see what you’re talking about.


Sometimes it is difficult to get all your Actor's together in one location at one time to rehearse because we all have busy, hectic lifestyles. A popular alternative choice is to use Skype to rehearse which is perfectly fine. A well rehearsed film saves you a lot of time and money on the big day, so why risk it? Practice makes perfect.